Help your Campus Store grow with Quantic POS

We have integrated solutions for all of your sales regardless if it's on campus, online or from our mobile app.   Meet your customer where your customer prefers so that you don't miss another opportunity to raise money for your school.  

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Integrated Solutions


Add Inventory

To add inventory, scan items from your device, or add it to the POS manually. If you are switching POS systems and the inventory is in the appropriate format, we can transfer the items for you.

Track Invertory

The invertory gets updated in real time, and you'll get notification when your stock runs low or an item is out of stock.


Get Report Insight

Quantic provides various detailed reports to help you better understand your business.



Quantic POS is built with a real time reporting feature, therefore you can regularly check sales updates even if you are miles away.

Delight your Guests

Treat each of your customers like VIPs. You can save every detail of your guest and provide them a memorable experience.

Measure Student Volunteer 

Keep track of each Student's sale and their productivity in one click. Reports that help you compare student's sales versus hours worked.


Easy and Quick Set Up

From installing to going live, the process is quick and easy. We understand time is important for any school

Fast Checkout

School environments require fast checkouts.  POS technology enables customers to check out quickly.

Low Monthly Price

Our monthly fees are affordable for schools of all sizes.  Ask how to qualify for free services.  


Multiple Ordering Options

Manage all in store, online, and mobile app purchases in one place.

Ease of Use

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly and accurately add orders.

Menu Management

It's super simple to a add or edit items. You can also add stock, so you'll get notified when an item is running low

Job Allocation

Assign multiple roles to a single employee, volunteer or student volunteer as well as different hourly rates, so it's easier for you to run payroll or track volunteer hours.  

Overview of Revenue

Get an insight on your revenue from different service areas (such as in store, online, or Mobile App).

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